Airport Parking Charges to Return Next Week

Drivers wanting to park at Ronaldsway will be required to use a cashless payment system from Tuesday May 17.

The new cashless payment is necessary as the DoI believes it is ‘impossible’ to get coin machines that will work with Manx coins…

The gov says the ‘quickest and easiest way’ to pay will be through the RingGo app, which can be downloaded free from the Apple or Google Play stores.

According to the handy video the gov has supplied a link to, drivers wanting to park at the airport just need to download an app (or go on the interweb) and register their details, their card details, their car’s registration number, model and colour. Then, when you get to the airport, you need to enter the four or five-digit location number shown on signs and pay in advance for the required time. If you’re delayed or stay away for longer, then you go back into the app and extend it.

For context, Douglas Council uses a system which just records your number plate on the way in, you pay when you want to leave at a terminal or on its Glide app and you pay for the length of time you’ve been there and then leave. And, thanks to its usage at the Bottleneck car park, we know this one works outside too!

Anyone displaying a parking disc can use the car parks for free for one hour, so it will still be possible to organise payment while moving through the airport.

People who don’t have a smartphone can pay by calling a number and providing a card payment over the phone, sending a text message, paying online or by asking for assistance at the information desk inside the Isle of Man Airport building.

So Popular

Tim Glover MHK, Member of the Department of Infrastructure with responsibility for Ports, said: ‘In launching this new way of paying for parking at Isle of Man Airport, our main priority has been to provide residents and visitors with the best possible experience, offering safe, simple options as they travel. We anticipate RingGo will be a popular service (we at Gef assume this is in the same way paying we’re required to pay for for anything is popular), as most people carry and use a mobile phone nowadays, but other options are available for customers who are less comfortable with this type of method.’

You can see the how to video below:

Parking rates remain unchanged.

 Short stay car parkLong stay car park
0 min – 1 hourFree with parking discFree with parking disc
1 to 2 hours£2£2
2 to 4 hours£3.50£3
up to 8 hours£4.50£4
up to 12 hours£6.50£6
up to 16 hours£10£9
up to 24 hours£13.50£13
up to 2 days £19.50£17
up to 3 days £25.50£21.10
up to 4 days £31.50£25
up to 5 days £37.50£29
Each additional day, or part of£6£4
Maximum charge£60£60