A Mountainous Effort

As you’ve probably seen, we were up the Mountain this weekend for a sleepover to raise money for Breast Cancer Now. Well, as of 4.50pm this evening, the total raised by all the sleepers, the party on the peak and the raffle is £27,000 (and still rising). Organiser Angie Aire said the team are wanting to hit £30,000 to mark 30 years since they began fundraising here on the island.

So here are the links again for those who haven’t seen them:



Family Library

The gov will continue to support the Family Library for the next five years. A schedule has been agreed which will gradually reduce support over the term of the agreement while the charity develops alternative income streams.

An initial grant of £125,000 will be supplied in August 2022, with annual sums tapering before a final instalment of £65,000 concludes the arrangement in August 2026. A total of £475,000 will contribute towards the continuation of services, which include the Mobile Library, Children’s Library and Home Delivery Service.

The annual payments will be taken from the Bona Vacantia Fund.

Family Library director Kurt Roosen added: ‘The Family Library is very grateful to the Treasury team in reaching a pragmatic and structured solution, and pleased that the efforts of our people are recognised as an important contributor to community wellbeing. We will continue to build on that trust that has been placed in us now we have some longer term certainty in which we can properly plan ahead.’

Sewage Visit

Manx Utilities has been out and about today as chairman Rob Callister MHK went to Ashley Hill Primary School to talk about sewage treatment solutions for Laxey and Baldrine (yes really). The authority said: ‘Some really great questions from Year 6 and lots of creative posters on display from Year 2’

Crucial Crew

Multiple agencies will come together to teach primary school children how to stay safe and look after their mental health.

Since it began, the Crucial Crew project has taught thousands of children, who are about to make the move to secondary school, important skills such as CPR and road safety. This year, along with talks and workshops by the emergency services and St John Ambulance, there will be interactive sessions on active travel and mental health.

The five day event will be held at the Villa Marina and gets under way on May 16.

Isle Listen’s Steven Downward, said: ‘The transition to secondary school is a major change and for some, can be a challenging experience. Preparing our young people for the emotions and challenges they may face and equipping them with the skills to cope, helps to prepare them for the many challenges they will face  throughout their lives – so we’re really excited to be involved with the Crucial Crew event.’

The project will also explain how to respond in an emergency, including when to dial 999.

Julie Edge MHK, Minister for Education, Sport and Culture, said: ‘The event will provide children with skills and resilience that they can use for the rest of their lives’.

Primary schools taking part have all been challenged to create a safety message, which includes information about one or more of the agencies involved. The winner will be chosen and announced at the event.