Cannan: Tribunal Raises Concerning Questions About Culture Within Government

Chief Minister Alf Cannan will make a statement in Tynwald next Tuesday in response to the DHSC losing the employment tribunal against Dr Rosalind Ranson.

The tribunal ruled that Dr Ranson was unfairly dismissed about making protected disclosures.

The Chief Minister said: ‘While the operation of the sub judice principle prevents public discussion of matters which are subject to ongoing judicial consideration, the Tribunal’s findings raise a number of concerning broader questions about the culture within the Isle of Man Government as well as the quality of leadership and the management of performance.  

‘We must be assured that the public service is working effectively from the highest levels down, so that government can get on with delivering for the people of the Isle of Man.

‘Government’s culture must be one of openness, respect and accountability with a focus on delivery and productivity by a public service workforce that has the right character, capability and credibility.  It is a fundamental characteristic of a robust public service that everyone should be able to challenge and that their voice will be heard.’