A group of students from Ballakermeen are preparing for the chance to win a scholarship to a business school.

The students, Mika Josh, Cormac, Deni, Josh and Georgia won the Junior Achievement Isle of Man’s competition with their brilliant product and will now go on to Estonia to compete against winners from across Europe.

Their product is so simple, yet so genius and revolves around something we all buy every week, soap.

The team, Atlas IOM, make a soap tablet which, when mixed with water, becomes liquid hand wash. By creating the tablets and selling them with a reusable glass bottle, they are cutting down on plastics, reducing the amount and weight of materials that have to be shipped and the customer also benefits from the tablets lasting, on average, longer than your standard size hand pump soap.

You can check out more about Atlas here.

And you can check out our video with the team here: