Manx Wild Bird Aid rescued an owl this weekend that had somehow got itself stuck in the doorway of the Legislative Buildings on Finch Road. Some of you may make jokes about this being the wisest creature to enter through those doors in some time, but we wouldn’t be so crass…

A thorough check by the charity’s rehabber revealed only minor abrasions to the bird’s wings which he was treated for. Having successfully passed a test flight and with concerns he may have young at home to feed, a decision was made to release him back in Douglas and monitor him until he was out of sight.

The charity said: ‘Unlike the owl, the majority of other birds we rescue stay in our care for far longer. Months in some cases and sadly some birds never recover sufficiently and live out their lives in a sanctuary aviary.

‘It seems as if we’re always asking for donations but the truth is that we can’t carry on doing this without help. We’re all volunteers and nobody receives a penny for fuel or other expenses, we willingly give this and our time for free.’

You can find out about donating to MWBA here.


On Friday evening crews from Douglas and Castletown were mobilised to a report of a Heavy Goods Vehicle that had steered off the road at the fairy bridge.

Of the two people in the vehicle, one person was able to exit the vehicle but the second was trapped through their injuries. Douglas and Castletown crews worked alongside the ambulance to create enough space using hydraulic equipment so that the casualty could be safely extricated from the vehicle.

Crews were in attendance for approx. 1 hour but the road was closed for a number of hours to ensure the vehicle could be safely removed and the Fire Service said it wanted to thank the public for their ‘understanding and patience’.