When it comes to horses I know next to nothing and even less if they don’t have odds next to their name.

So when we were asked to cover TREC I must admit I had no idea what it was. Now having been, I’m still not sure I understand the rules, but it’s one of the best sporting days out I’ve had in ages.

Hosted by Llamedos Equestrian, the weekend saw 22 competitors taking part in a series of both ridden and led rein challenges which left me bewildered by the skill and trust between rider and their horses. This was later concluded by an orienteering ride phase. 

What struck me the most was that, even in my more than amateur opinion, besides that there was some serious talent on show, both on four and two legs, was that it was all rather friendly. Having only ever played footy I’m used to calling the opposition, and often your own team, some rather discourteous things. 

But TREC wasn’t like that at all, everyone was quite supportive of each other, friendly to the sleep deprived journalist wandering aimlessly around the fields and congratulated each other when the results were read out and the rosettes awarded. 

Overall I had a brilliant day out, the sport of TREC is so technical and the trust that exists between the riders and their horses is really something special to watch. Gef wants to wish them the best of luck at their next event on July 2/3 at Grenaby (who knows we might go to that too) and with their plans to send a big team to the TREC UK Championships in Oldham later this year when they’ll fly the Manx flag with pride. 

As well as thanking TREC Isle of Man for their kind welcome, we just have some thanks from TREC to extend to MannBenham Advocates for their ongoing support and sponsorship, Lynda and Matt Ingham at Llamedos for being such great hosts and DEFA for its continued assistance and St John Ambulance, without whom the event could not be held. Thanks also go to Helen Wain and trainee Wendy Corlett who oversaw the whole competition as Technical Delegates and to Cheryl Wrench, traceur.

The all important results:

Level 1 Pairs

1st Kathryn Scarlett & Suzanne Cregeen

2nd Kenzie Steele & Claire Jackson

3rd Joni Dillon & Zara Urquhart

4th Claire Watterson-Woodall & Becky Norrey

Level 1 PTV Only

1st Jody Quayle

2nd Emillie Long

Level 2 Pairs

1st Claire Bagshaw & Suzie Clague

2nd Jessica Clague & Georgia Smith

3rd Helen Goldie & Eowyn Goldie

4th Gillian Newey & Andrea Needham

Level 2a Pairs

1st Chris Paine & Jane Anscombe

2nd Sam Frize & Eva Boyd