Lib Vannin Brand Chief’s Statement ‘An Exercise in Buying Time’

The Liberal Vannin Party has said that Chief Minister Alf Cannan’s speech in response to the Dr Rosalind Ranson tribunal failed to address the concerns of MHKs and the wider public.

Lawrie Hooper, Minister for the Department of Health and Social Care, is the leader of Liberal Vannin.

Released on its social media channels, the Party said it ‘considers today’s statement from the Chief Minister to be full of good intentions but falls short of addressing the immediate concerns that many MHKs and the wider Manx public still hold’.

It went on to brand the statement an ‘exercise in buying time’.

And added: ‘We hope that the promised future changes come to fruition and lead to the anticipated culture shift to a more open, less defensive government. However, indications are that, apart from the sudden departure of the Chief Secretary, no-one is being held to account and lessons have not yet been learned.’