Gov is Developing e-Scooter Policy

E-scooters are likely to become a normal means of transport for a lot of people on the island and the gov shouldn’t ignore this, the DoI Minister has said.

Tim Crookall was asked about the legal position on the use of e-scooters on the roads is and where the policy on private or rented e-scooters is under review by Garff MHK Daphne Caine.

The Minister confirmed that using e-scooters on the highway is currently illegal but that the DoI is ‘developing a policy on e-scooters and considering potential legislation in order to create a regulated environment for the use of e-scooters’.

Mr Crookall also said that his department had undertaken a consultation on e-scooters. However, while that ended in March, Chris Thomas said some of his constituents were ‘very disappointed that no consultation response document has been published’. He asked if it was normal practice to ‘do a consultation and then just forget about it and say that policy is being made’?

The Minister apologised for documents not being published and said he would ensure that they would be. He added: ‘Certainly the results of those will be taken into consideration when we are doing our policy and coming up with whatever it is we decide to come up with in the future. I am happy to take that on board and talk to the Member afterwards.’

In response to a question from Rob Mercer MLC, Mr Crookall also confirmed that e-scooters and e-bikes are ‘absolutely the way forward and will be here for a long time’.

You can hear the full exchange below:

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