Let’s Give it a Year

The DoI is well aware of the negative perception of the new parking app that is due to be rolled out at Ronaldsway, but wants to give it a year to see how it performs.

Minister Tim Crookall was quizzed on airport parking and the DoI’s decision to use the RingGo parking app in Tynwald this week.

Mr Crookall told members that the old barriers, which had been installed in 2007, had seized up during the time they weren’t used while the airport was used as a vaccine hub and that something had to be done to restore parking charges at Ronaldsway.

Jason Moorhouse asked the Minister why his department had chosen RingGo given its unfavourable reviews on Trustpilot and sought assurances that this would be the right system for the island.

Mr Crookall told members: ‘The Department, or the officers, looked around at other apps that were available and, yes, I am well aware of what Trustpilot are saying on theirs. But there are others that are also saying RingGo is very good. Indeed, as I said this morning on the radio, there was somebody who phoned up who had spent four years in London using nothing but RingGo car parks and he said he never had a problem in those four years.

‘You are damned if you do, and you are damned if you don’t, Mr President. We had to make a choice. The officers have made their choice. I am quite happy to try that for the year and if it does not work then we will look at it again during that year.’

The Minister also confirmed that the delayed rollout of the system, which was due to begin this week, was due to an issue with the Information Commissioner which should be resolved shortly.