Former Treasury Minister David Ashford says he remains ‘absolutely adamant’ that he has acted appropriately at all times.

After a week of speculation, Mr Ashford resigned from CoMin this morning, having first offered his resignation at the start of the week.

Mr Ashford, in a letter to Chief Minister Alf Cannan he said: ‘As we discussed, I am of the view that the best thing for me to do is to resign from the government at this stage. I remain absolutely adamant that at all times I have acted appropriately and within the Government Code, the Tynwald Members Code and the limits that it quite rightly placed on Ministers around involvement in employment matters.’

‘But when a minister becomes the centre of a news story, that generates continual media speculation that is drowning out all over government considerations then whether or not that Minister has acted within the government code, becomes completely irrelevant’.

The Douglas North MHK also outlined that his family and partner have been ‘maliciously targeted’ online, something which he said he is ‘not willing to put them through any further’.