Tram Crash Report Withheld

The report into the derailment of an MER tram last year is still not able to be published.

Gef had submitted an FoI into the DoI to seek the publication of the report. However, the department replied: ‘While our aim is to provide information whenever possible, in this instance all of the information is exempt from disclosure pursuant to section 31 of the Act as the information is or may be required in an ongoing investigation / legal proceeding. This is a qualified exemption and therefore subject to a public interest test.’

Derelict Buildings

The Police are asking parents to warn their kids about the dangers of going into abandoned and derelict buildings. The Constabulary said there has been a ‘significant increase in youths entering derelict premises on the island’.

A spokesman said: ‘Although this may appear to be a ‘fun’ or ‘exciting’ thing to do, I can confirm that this is highly dangerous and may lead to serious injury or death by falling debris and you are putting yourself at risk to asbestos exposure and other contaminants.

‘In addition to this, by entering a building or enclosed area, you may be committing offences for which you could be arrested. Therefore, this message is clear. Do not enter derelict buildings. Do not break the law and most importantly keep yourself safe.’

Children Going Online for Mental Health Support

Educational settings, Manx Sport and Recreation and the Youth Service offer a range of pastoral support for mental health to children at universal level, including access to an online platform. Minister Julie Edge was asked which services are available to pupils by Rushen MHK Dr Michelle Haywood.

Ms Edge said that there are a range of more specialist provisions depending on the particular needs identified. As well as this,’schools can access third and private sector providers of mental health and wellbeing support’.

She added: ‘More complex or therapeutic services are accessed through referral pathways and criteria within Manx Care.

‘Furthermore, the Isle of Man Government have commissioned ‘Kooth’, an online mental health and wellbeing platform that offers online counselling and peer support to learners at the point of need. Kooth have developed relationships directly with schools as a result, and pupils have fed back positively on the help the platform has provided.

‘DESC and Manx Care are seeking to explore partnerships with third and private sector providers of mental health and wellbeing support, in order to further broaden options for schools and parents when children present with issues associated with their mental health and wellbeing.’