Who Will Fill These Jobs?

As the island’s unemployment rate continues to drop to near record levels, three key areas are continuing to struggle to fill jobs.

The latest labour market report, shows the number of people registered unemployed was 257 (0.6%) for April 2022. The International Labour Organisation’s estimate puts this at 702 (1.6%).

Throughout April, 1,146 job vacancies were notified to the Job Centre, which is a drop of 96 from March. Of these, 985 remained at the end of the month of which, 540 were full time and 445 part time. Within the part time roles, 130 were classified as ‘seasonal’.

The sectors struggling the most to fill roles are catering and entertainment (237), medical and health services (135) and tourist accommodation (109).

You have to go back to 2003 to find unemployment figures as low as they are now. In May of that year, there were 236 people registered as being out of work. The lowest figure on the gov’s record came in May 2001, when 154 people were registered unemployed.