‘A Vote For Compassion’

The Chief Executive of Dignity in Dying has welcomed yesterday’s vote in Keys to allow Dr Alex Allinson to advance his Bill that could see assisted dying laws introduced on the island.

Dr Allinson was granted leave to introduce a Private Member’s Bill that could allow terminally ill adults, with less than six months to live, the right to choose how and when to end their own lives.

Dignity in Dying’s Sarah Wootton said that the vote in Keys comes as Jersey and Scotland also consider legislation and with a debate expected in the House of Commons in the coming weeks.

She said: ‘This vote today represents a victory for compassion and common-sense, not just for the Isle of Man but the whole of the British Isles. Parliamentarians are quickly catching up with the public on assisted dying, recognising that it is becoming increasingly untenable to defend laws that fail to provide terminally ill people with the choice and protection they want and need. We commend Members of the House of Keys for grasping this nettle and taking steps towards a safer and more compassionate future for its dying citizens, alongside law-makers in Jersey and Scotland.

‘In light of this progress, the growing evidence of the dangers of the status quo and the huge public appetite for change, it is only right that MPs in Westminster are also given the opportunity for full and fair debate. Assisted dying must be given the time and respect it deserves in Parliament. Continuing to ban this option not only lacks compassion; it represents a serious risk to patient safety which can no longer be ignored.’

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You can see the debate in Keys below: