Alf’s Riskiest Move to Date

Chief Minister Alf Cannan may have taken the biggest risk of his administration this week, when he said the weather is looking good for TT.

The Chief Minister, wearing his other hat of Enterprise Minister, gave a bombastic performance in Keys as he was quizzed on the island’s preparation for TT.

With just days before the return of the TT, the Chief Minister was asked by Daphne Caine about the state of the island. The Garff MHK asked the Chief whether he thinks the island is ‘looking its best’ and referenced the state of the Douglas Promenades and the Laxey Wheel.

Mr Cannan replied: ‘If you take individual points in isolation then I accept that there can be some criticism, but if you look across the piste, across the island, as I took the opportunity to do this morning as I drove in up through Tholt y Will, across the Mountain and down in Douglas, I can tell you that I believe the island is in good shape.

‘It’s looking great, our visitors are going to come and have a fantastic experience. I know there is a great deal of anticipation out there for the start of TT 2022, that all the infrastructure is in place and going up. The road signs are out, the hoardings are up, the sense of anticipation and looking at the weather forecast, I can see the sun is being lined up and my own personal forecast is that I predict this will be a humdinger of a TT, let’s get behind it and let’s have a fabulous two weeks.’

The Chief later asked all islanders to ‘say hello to the fairies’ as he was asked about the DoI’s quick work in repairing the Fairy Bridge after a recent crash.

Inevitably if it rains someone will have to ask the Chief for his resignation for misleading the house…