Junior Fans

Fans aged between 5 and 15 years old can now become Junior Official Supporters of FC Isle of Man for the 2022/23 season. The price of this Junior Official Supporter membership is just £10 and provides access to exclusive benefits including season and match ticket discounts, voting opportunities, competitions and more. Junior Supporters will also be able to claim 10% discount on this summer’s Junior Football Camps. Adult Official Supporter Memberships will be available from June 1.

Digging In

Manx Utilities is making good progress with its work to replace a water main in the south of the island. The working corridor has now been dug thanks to ideal ground conditions along the route. A dedicated welding station has also been mobilised for the many welds required on the 10km pipe. The main replaces critical infrastructure that supplies thousands of customers in the South of the Island with clean drinking water.


A new exhibition will open at the Manx Museum this week ahead of TT 2022. Speed and Light is a painted journey around the world-famous TT course from the perspective of Manx artist Paul Parker.

Paul said: ‘Speed and Light takes me back to my roots. Indeed, I started painting while I was saving up to buy my first motorcycle. This exhibition is very much a personal one. Some are well-known views around the course, others not so much. A chance to see the world through another’s eyes. It’s that simple.’

Exhibition curator Hannah Murphy added: ‘Paul has taken over 2,000 photographs around the course and selected a small number of scenes to capture light and movement. The 59 paintings in Speed and Light feature a mix of landscapes and iconic TT riders.’

Paul added ‘Having this exhibition in the Manx Museum means a lot. I used to go in and look at the paintings when I was 17 or so. I think it’s a sense of belonging to a place, a sense of contentment. When I am out in the hills, or just out and about, I feel content and count myself very fortunate to have been born in such a place. If I can continue living and painting on this lovely island, I will count myself a lucky man.’

Speed and Light is a free exhibition at the Manx Museum art gallery and runs from May 27 to September 26; donations are welcome.