Interim Chief Sec Wants Openness and Frankness

Interim Chief Secretary Caldric Randall has committed to visiting each department across gov as work to improve the culture of the Manx Government begins.

Mr Randall has been appointed as temporary Chief Secretary following the sudden retirement of Will Greenhow last week,

Addressing the recent Dr Ranson tribunal, Mr Randall said the outcome and the report had been ‘difficult for many and the findings made tough reading’.

He added: ‘I also know that some media reporting and social media has made sweeping statements about the public service. And that is unfair.

‘There are over 8,000 public servants in the Isle of Man. I know the vast majority are hard-working, honest, and turn up everyday to do their best. The Chief Minister understands this too.’

However, while there are criticisms of the media, Mr Randall does also recognise the need for a change of culture that was signposted by the Chief Minister and has said he will visit each department to speak to staff.

He said: ‘I want to start the process of making this a place where people are motivated and happy to come to work. I want you to be proud to tell your family and friends that you work for government.

‘There is plenty to fix. One thing on my mind is that every one of you needs to feel able to speak up, if you are being treated badly or if you see something that is wrong. Government has to be a place where you will have your voice heard. We need to change the culture. That is not an easy thing to do.

‘But I know we can do that together and we need to start now.’

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