TT: Life Inside the Course…

While the Island gears up for the busiest fortnight of the year, where sitting on a hedge, being sunburnt to a crisp and drinking from plastic glasses is the norm. Can we just pause for a moment and spare a thought to the forgotten folk of the famous TT races… “The Insiders:”

The Insiders are the island residents that live inside of the TT course. Each year those pesky road closures cut these people off from the big wide world but how do they deal with it? 

Fence Hopping

Some of these residents have mastered the art of fence hopping. Whether they go under or over, these Insiders will get from A to B no matter what is in their way.

 It doesn’t stop with fences either! Rivers? Pfft, piece of piss, some Insiders will swim for a pint!Take Matty from Sulby for instance, “I’ve got to wear wellies and a wetsuit in June! You try crouching down under Sulby Bridge.”Poor Matty spends his TT week with wet feet, but that’s just part and parcel of being an Insider. 

“Just gonna stay in for TT”

Now some people of course choose not to leave the house because, well, why should they?Stock up on the canned food and wait for this to all blow over.These Insiders lose themselves to the living room and will tend to have the volume turned up to 100, while they try to listen to Corrie in 10 second intervals as the bikes pass. NEEEEOWWWM…… NEEEEOWWWM!Gillian doesn’t leave her house in Cronk-Y-Voddy for two weeks and claims to have ‘completed’ Jeremy Kyle.

Stop Outs

Some Insiders rise early and get back late, meaning sometimes Insiders could spend up to 48 hours away from their home.Fergus from Injebreck packs a wardrobe into his transit for the two week period, packing for every possible occasion…Fergus has been water skiing AND to a wedding all on the same day…moral of the story? Be prepared.


Official TT branded hats off to these guys. They see their ‘inside’ status as ‘Mayfair’ on the monopoly board #builditandtheywillcomeColin from Ramsey is onto a winner…“I just borrow some scaffolding from me uncle Bob, one quid on the door, three quid for a brew, four to use the bog. Jobs a goodun! All inclusive to Tenerife is booked and paid in cash on Saturday 9th June.”Fair play Colin.