Pony Club’s Strong Showing in Prince Philip Cup

A fairly inexperienced team from the Isle of Man Pony Club has placed fifth in a qualifying heat for a major competition at the Horse of the Year Show.

The Prince Philip Cup was first held at the Horse of the Year Show in 1957 and has grown to be a world famous Mounted Games competition featuring fast-paced action.

This qualifying heat, held at Townley Park, Burnley and hosted by Pendle Pony Club Branch, saw a total of 14 teams compete in a series of Gymkhana-style races, which included equipment such as bending poles, mugs, flags, and boules.

And, despite a two year absence from competition and the expectations of trainers and parents that this would be a ‘building blocks’ kind of year, the young equestrians showed their competitive streak to outperform these projections.

The Pony Club told Gef: ‘As the starter flagged dropped at the beginning of each race the Manx riders flew off the start line and battled hard. Parents, trainers, and supporters could be heard across the park cheering loudly as this inexperienced team took a very credible fifth place overall, just three points away from qualifying for the next round.

‘There is no doubt that this Manx team will be one to watch at next year’s event. As has become tradition, the Isle of Man Pony Club placed first in Tack and Turnout with pristine ponies and children. Thanks to Isla Curphey for her impressive pony bathing skills and Lucy Parsons for her team preening and pep-talks prior to entering the turnout ring.’

The team included: Francesca Loader, Issy Ennett, Sienna Curphey, Gypsy-Mae Quirk, and Cameron Eyres.

They were also able to provide some footage from the day: