We meet all sorts of people in our line of work, but few have left as big an impact on us as our guests this afternoon.

Our guests were a group of German gentleman, here to watch the races, but with a fascinating story.

They are Journeymen, following a tradition that dates back to the Middle Ages where men and women go and travel for three or more years to learn their craft, whatever that may be.

We’ll let them explain more about themselves and their brotherhood in the video below. While they’re on the island, they are looking for a few odd jobs and somewhere to stay for a few days, they’ll be at the Grandstand tonight to watch the racing, in case anyone has something that would be suitable.

After this, while they don’t have phones, they are travelling around the island and we don’t think you’ll struggle to find them.

During their time here so far, they have been to Douglas Town Hall and met a few Councillors and paid a visit to Tynwald.

You can read more about them here and on Wikipedia.