Pharmacy to Stay Closed for At Least Two Weeks

Ramsey’s Lloyds Pharmacy, in St Paul’s Square, will remain for closed for at least two weeks.

Manx Care has said the closure is largely due to staff sickness.

During the closure, the Parliament Street store will be processing prescriptions on behalf of both branches.

Any patient with a prescription (or one that is owing) in St Paul’s Square can collect it from the Parliament Street store. Any patient who normally has a prescription sent from their GP surgery to the St Paul’s Square store can collect it from Parliament Street.

Manx Care asks people to be mindful that the telephone line at Parliament Street is very busy, but if patients are worried or require a delivery, a central Customer Services Number can be called and they will facilitate this.

The Customer Services Number is 03456003565.

Manx Care said: ‘The management team of Lloyds Pharmacy are deeply apologetic for any inconvenience, but they currently do not have enough staff to safely open all Ramsey branches, and it is considered safer to operate two pharmacies on full staff than to run three on skeleton staff. Using Lloyds Pharmacy, Parliament Street as the main branch also protects the care home supply, supporting the more vulnerable members of our population.’

‘Additional staff were brought in to assist on Sunday June 5, and staffing levels are expected to increase in the coming week.’

Because of this closure, there may be greater wait times at the other two Ramsey locations (Shoprite and Parliament Square), so please be patient with staff who are doing their best to help you.