2/3 Opposed Closing Marine Drive

An FoI response from the DoI has revealed that two-thirds of respondents to a consultation were opposed to the closing of Marine Drive to motorists.

DoI Minister Tim Crookall said in May he was keeping the road open, but that the policy may be reviewed again in the future. You can find the FoI here by searching for Marine Drive.

Following that decision, the DoI has now revealed, after an FoI request, that it received 638 responses to its consultation, with 190 in support of the closure, 438 against and 10 who provided ‘no specific opinion’.

Most of the opposition to closing the road stem from people who are either elderly or disabled and like to park on the road either to admire the scenery or go for a gentle stroll, or people who said that they believe the gov is anti-car.

In the section of the response that the DoI said was people who didn’t express a specific opinion, there are instances of other people who opposed the plans. These included a resident of Port Soderick who uses the road for horse riding who asked for the road to be kept open and a driving instructor who said the road is ideal for new learners.

In support of the closure were people who noted that the through road has been closed for decades, people who said the current situation wasn’t ideal for people seeking to cycle or generally exercise on the road and those who said it would improve conditions for the wildlife. 

State of the Place

Respondents, both opposed and in support of it, commented on the general state of Marine Drive. From damaged pavements to dog sh*t and rock falls to uncontrolled weeds, the message that something needs to be done to improve the area was clear. 

While this consultation was conducted in 2021, the themes of these complaints about the general state of Marine Drive will be familiar to anyone who saw Charles Guard’s recent video which, if nothing else, has led to work being done to tidy up one of the island’s more stunning roads.