Cyclists Arrested on Mountain

Police have arrested four cyclists travelling in two separate pairs have been stopped and arrested at the East Mountain Box.

The cyclists were contravening a closed road and contravening the One Way System in place on the Mountain.

This has happened while emergency services were dealing with an incident which had closed the road.

The Police said: ‘The TT Road Races Authorisation 2022 that is in force for the TT festival states that cycling is prohibited on the A18 Mountain Road from the Ramsey hairpin to its junction with the Creg-ny-Baa Back Road during the TT period.

‘There are no exceptions. The Mountain Road being closed for emergency services to deal with an incident is certainly not an exception. The actions of these cyclists is dangerous for the cyclists themselves and other road users, not only for them to be cycling on the Mountain Road, but also cycling against the one way system, had the mountain road been opened at the conclusion of the incident and they hadn’t been stopped.

‘There are the proper signs out on every road that feeds into the A18 Mountain Road to indicate No Cycling is permitted. If you are a cyclist, we want you to enjoy the island on a pedal cycle but we ask that for these two weeks you don’t use the A18 Mountain Road.’