Five Seconds Costs TT Fan £2,500

Five seconds of stupidity cost a Norwegian TT fan £2,500 after he entered the course during Saturday’s racing.

Robin Peterson, 27, from Narvik, Norway, appeared before magistrates on Monday morning. 

The lifelong TT fan was on his first visit to the island and had spent two days watching from the Grandstand.  Frustrated that he hadn’t seen more of the course, he decided to try and watch Saturday’s racing from the K Tree, at Churchtown.

Having arrived near there, he asked three men how to get to the popular spot, only to be told it would be difficult given the races being ongoing, but undeterred he made his way to the course side. Unfortunately for him, he was on the wrong side of the course and witnesses saw him enter the course before running across the road and attempting to jump over a 12-foot hedge.

Prosecutor Barry Swain said Peterson bounced off the hedge back onto the course and, hearing people yelling at him, ran, only to be caught by marshals. Peterson was heard to say ‘I know it was foolish, I shouldn’t have done it’. 

In total, Mr Swain said Peterson was on the course for all of about five seconds.

Defence advocate Sara-Jayne Dodge said her client had no intention to run away from marshals, rather he, realising he shouldn’t have been on the course, wanted to get off it as soon as possible. 

Miss Dodge said Peterson had wanted to see the races from different parts of the course and ‘didn’t know it was illegal to enter the course’ and that he ‘acted on the belief’ that it was common sense to cross the course when sensible. She added that when Peterson was stopped by the marshals, he walked with them to the police and had cooperated fully since his arrest. 

The advocate told the court that Peterson, who had been so overjoyed to visit the TT he had ‘been in tears to his mum on the phone telling her he was so excited to see the superbikes race’, had been meant to leave the island on Sunday and is due to fly home from London on Sunday. 

In sentencing Peterson, magistrates told Peterson ‘we’re amazed at your stupidity’ and reminded him that what he did was ‘extremely dangerous’.  Peterson was fined £2,500 plus £125 costs, to be paid immediately.