TT Stereotypes: The Usual Suspects

Each year for two weeks, out of nowhere, we see the return of the classic TT stereotypes. There are a few, and you’re guaranteed to know someone who fits the bill of each one. Here we’ve listed the usual suspects…

‘Suzuki Steve’

TT’s answer to a ‘full kit w*nker*. Wears a helmet, doesn’t have a bike.You know the one. Walking round the place like he’s been vomited on by the Suzuki sponsor team. Hanging round the pits like a bad smell. In reality, Steve has taken two weeks off his day job at the local bank, and his regular wardrobe consists of brown Hush Puppies and those all in one shirt and jumper hybrids from M&S. Pulls the wool he does. Looks a pro. Steve the sneak.

‘Grandstand Gaz’

Absolutely LOVES a lanyard, gets a new one each year and layers them up to look like he single handedly runs the TT. Prints his own ID card to make sure he looks offish. Still wears a Manx Radio TT earpiece, even though they haven’t worked since 2009. Often seen with a notepad looking pensive, nobody knows what he’s writing. Not even Gaz.

TT ‘Completed it Mate’

We’ve all got that one mate. Knows all the riders, even got nicknames for them. Always talks about that time he went to the Courthouse ‘with’ Michael Dunlop. Claims to have bought him a beer. Need to know anything about the bikes they’re riding? This fella knows. Wanna know what they rode last year, or 5 years ago for that matter? This guy is your man. Even if you don’t wanna know, he’ll tell ya. Is he right though? Probably not. Full of shit.

‘Leather Clad Leanne’

A popular addition to the TT stereotype.A source at the Strand Street Topshop told us, “Leather items go through the roof on May pay day, all the jackets, skirts, pants, in all styles and sizes, it’s just mad dash. In May and June we sell the most leather jackets per capita in the whole of the North West. To add to the authenticity, Leanne who has never smoked a day in her life, buys twenty Marlboro the night of first practice and they last her the fortnight. #tellmeaboutitstud.

‘Pitstop Pamela’

Takes a sabbatical from her marriage for the TT period.

‘It’s a chance for me to let off some steam’

A different kind of ‘bike’ to look out for in pit lane, if you will. Has a particular penchant for the German breed of biker, the hairier the better. Can speak very little German, often heard using ‘WURST’ in every sentence.

‘Beer Tent Barry’

The last of the stereotypes, Barry takes a two week holiday from the Nags Head and relocates to the nearest beer tent.Becomes a part of the Bushy’s furniture for the duration of TT, has ALL of the t-shirts and stickers since year dot, and knows all the bar staff on a first name basis.Think he’s a bit of a LEDGE, when in reality he’s just a bit annoying. Soz Baz x