Much like Boxing Day, Senior Race Day is up there with one of the best days out there is in the Manx calendar year. Bikes, sunshine, your best group of mates and a few tinnies…you are absolutely #LivingYourBestLife for 24 hours.

But, it’s a difficult one to judge if you want to last the day. There’s always a Barry big b*llocks in the group who cracks open the Kirov to accompany his bacon bap at 8:30am – but does Barry make the races? No. Baz is out cold by 10 (in the AM!)

Not big or clever really is it kiddo, you AMATEUR. Here we’ve listed some of our top tips to have the best day out possible on Senior Race Day.

#1 Get yourself a big boys brekkie

No we’re not talking beereal. It’s likely to be the most nutritious meal of the day, so make sure you get your protein in before the bad decisions start.

#2 Stay hydrated

It’s a marathon, not a sprint. We all know how tempting it is to have a Dark Fruits to wash down your morning brew, but it will not end well. You want to make the races don’t ya?! Pack a load of water, even if you have to hide it from your crabby mates. You’ll thank us later.

#3 Take regular breaks from the sun

Bevvie + sunshine = regrettable tan lines and even more dehydration.

#4 Eat throughout the day

Get yourselves to Tesco the night before and STOCK UP. We’re talking cereal bars, sarnies, a bit of fruit (…garnish for your gin obv), meat for the disposable BBQ…KETCHUP! ALL OF IT. All the food!

#5 Don your Radio TT earpiece

Don’t sit there guessing who’s in the lead as the bikes zoom past. Be the person in the know and grab yourself a Radio TT earpiece well in advance. These things are like gold dust. Missed out? Grab your Dad’s Makita radio (everyone has one in the garage, right?!)

Don’t sit and pretend you know everything about the bikes though, no one likes that guy.

#6 Blankets, blankets and more blankets

Gracias may be Spanish, but on Senior Race day it’s very much Manx, yessir.

Pack as many blankets as you can in the car or your rucksack to keep your shorts free from those inevitable grass stains and prevent your arse from going as numb and wet as your mate who’s had 1 tinny too many and pissed himself.

#7 Don’t forget toilet paper

Whether you’re spending the day in a field, at a designated viewing spot or even in your mates garden, bring some damn toilet paper. It ALWAYS runs out.

#8 Pack the hangover kit

A Berocca + Solpadeine cocktail is Gef’s favourite cure. It’s a long slog, and you may go through the pissed > sober > hungover cycle more than once through the day. Be prepared.