Your flight has been cancelled, the bus isn’t coming and there’s no-one with any answers, it can only mean one thing, Keys is back in business.

After taking the TT fortnight off due to fears over low ratings, MHKs are back to the day job, performing in the world’s longest running continuous sitcom to an audience of literally tens.

Kicking off the show’s new short season ahead of its extended summer break, fan fave Jason Moorhouse MHK will be asking Chief Minister Alf Cannan about what impact recent flight cancellations have had on the island’s reputation.

The next two questions also go to the mouth of the south, as his two piece comedy with the Chief Minister rolls on.

First he will ask what progress has been made on the development of the Airport Technology Gateway, as well as who is driving it forward, before he turns to more serious matters as he asks just exactly how many committees and subcommittees CoMin currently has.

Onchan MHK Rob Callister will try to take things more seriously when he asks Minister for Health and Social Care Lawrie Hooper how many people are waiting for a hip operation and what the average time is from referral to treatment.

And then, after years on the dark side, David Ashford emerges from the shadows of the back benches to ask Mr Hooper what progress has been made on the development and implementation of an autism pathway?

Dude Where’s my Bus?

Going into TT we all knew the buses were struggling, as the daily Facebook posts reminded us. But John Wannenburgh, who is quickly becoming something of a fan fave with his direct style of saying it is as it is, will ask DoI Minister Tim Crookall where he is satisfied that adequate planning was in place to ensure all public transport services over the TT period, how this was deviated from and what impact its had on drivers’ morale.

Then, never one to be outshone, JM returns to centre stage to ask Mr Crookall what Bus Vannin’s policy is on information passengers about cancellations and delays, something that suddenly seemed to stop on Facebook during the TT. Secondly he’ll ask the Peel man how many services in May 2022 were operated by non-contracted bus drivers, by managers, by admin staff, non-contract employees, off island recruits and others…

Educating Tynwald

Education is the focus for the next set of questions as Dr Michelle Haywood wants to know what plans Julie Edge has to modify the island’s schools to reduce disease transmission ahead of the predicted autumn and winter waves of Covid infection.

Clearly someone doesn’t agree with last year’s advice that extra layers help six-year-olds when windows are kept open during the winter months. Ms Edge will be expected to show her working on this one.

Making his final schedule appearance of this week’s show, Mr Moorhouse, himself a former teacher, will ask how many teaching staff resigned on or before the final day for doing this during the academic year 2021/22?

Douglas North

Question time will finish off with a double act from the boys from Douglas North as Messrs Ashford and Wannenbugh ask what plans there are to update section 24 of the Building Control Act 1991 and the rest of that Act, what consideration is given by the Planning Committee to mast sharing when it is deciding whether to approve an application for a mobile phone mast and how much the new airport director is being paid by way of a resettlement allowance.

Capacity Bill

Once the fun is over, MHKs have a serious matter to consider, as the Capacity Bill enters its clauses stage. There are six proposed amendments, all in the name of Dr Haywood and we’ll also bring you coverage of this on Tuesday.

In the meantime, make sure your luggage is placed safely in the overhead lockers, buckle your seat belts and prepare to be cancelled.