No Buses Were Cancelled During TT?

If you believe your bus was cancelled during TT, it seems you were sadly mistaken.

The now former DoI Minister Tim Crookall told Keys this morning that all buses ran, though some were heavily delayed.

Despite difficulties with staffing, Mr Crookall told MHKs: ‘We all know there had been difficulties before TT and we are aware of concerns, but the full service was delivered and many extra journeys operated over that period.’

He added that the service was struggling due to sickness, but that even while some services were delayed due to traffic, they did all run.

When later asked to clarify, by original questioner John Wannenburgh, that all the services ran as planned, Mr Crookall said: ‘As far as I’m led to believe, all the published services in the timetable, published on May 9, were delivered, albeit some of them were very late, as I’ve said, when some of them were taking four hours to do a round trip.’

However, while Mr Crookall said this, it doesn’t seem to tally with communications issued by Isle of Man Transport during TT.

On June 1, it posted on Facebook to say that ‘around 20 services were yesterday subject to change, delay or cancellation’. It also noted that Bus Vannin was ‘operating around 95% of scheduled services’.