The Stars of RuPaul’s Drag Race may not be able to make it to the Isle of Man tonight, but all is not lost!

It was just announced that the UK vs The World tour scheduled for tonight at The Gaiety Theatre has been postponed due to cancelled flights. Fortunately, a group of local drag queens have stepped up to save the day.

Moonlight Discotheque has partnered with local drag supergroup The House of Hearts to bring you a night that’s sure to satisfy your need for drag tonight.

Doors open at 8pm, show starts at 9pm.

Your resident queens Vida LaFierce, Fenella Beach (who was due to host the Gaiety show), Mathea LaWhore and Nona Binary have sashayed in to save the day with live performances just for you! You’ll get the chance to kick back with some high class cocktails, great company and even a chance to see a live performance of Vida’s new single ‘Heels’ – out now wherever you get your music!

Don’t let the night go to waste, spend the night at Moonlight Discotheque with the local queens who are always here for you and never let a ‘suspicious package’ drama get in the way of a great night!