We Should Offer to Host Eurovision

With the sad, but expected announcement, that Ukraine will be unlikely to be able to host Eurovision next year, talk is that the BBC will be asked to host from somewhere in the UK.

The UK of course came second to Ukraine, with Sam Ryder’s banger ‘Spaceman’ reigniting the public’s love affair with what is one of the best nights of the year.

Inevitably, if the BBC does host it, they will go to Salford, use a big studio and have Rylan hosting it, Graham Norton on commentary, there will be lots of flag waving, some UK, some Ukraine and everyone would have a great time.

But, I think we should host it. 

Before you start yelling ‘WE’RE NOT IN THE UK!!!!!’. I say, so what? We pay the licence fee, it’s about time we got something other than North West Tonight showing off our roundels to the great people of Liverpool, Manchester and Blackpool. 

My reasoning is simple, we have experience hosting major world events (the TT), we have air links to Manchester and London, so people can get a connecting flight, the Steam Packet would benefit from all the production trucks coming over and, thanks to our hotels, B&Bs and campsites, we have plenty of space to host all the teams and their fans. 

Plus, we would get a chance to roll out the guns. We could see the show hosted by Sam Barks, or Little Miss Dynamite, whichever of them is free that weekend. They could also do a duet for the halftime show, perhaps with the Ballaghs also providing some Manx music.

Further to this, we could use it to promote all the different food and drink we make here, show the island off with drone footage, sponsored by Visit of Isle Man of course. 

Plus, being between the UK and Ireland, we’re on neutral ground, so we can’t be accused of playing favourites. 

In essence, it makes perfect sense for us to host Eurovision, even though we’re not allowed to take part.