Charity Hits £40,000

Remember when Gef joined a group of volunteers to spend a night freezing our behinds off up Snaefell? Well we’ve had an update from Breast Cancer Now Volunteering in Isle of Man to say that not only has the charity surpassed its £30,000 target, it has gone on to better things and hit the £40,000 mark.

You can still donate, so if you have a couple of quid spare, go on, click here.

Half a Century of Music

The Manx Youth Orchestra is turning 50 and to celebrate it has brought together a mix of its current ensemble and former members for what will be a brilliant night of music.

 In addition to performances by all the current ensembles, there will be an opportunity for former members to perform alongside the current orchestra members led by former conductors Bernard Osborne and Graham Kirkland.

The concert, at the Villa on Tuesday, June 28, will also feature a popular piece of music composed by the late Geoff Nicks, which will be conducted by his wife Janet.

The show gets underway at 7.30pm and tickets are still available here.

Proceeds of the concert will support the work of The Friends of the Manx Youth Orchestra.

Trustree Jenna Withey said: ‘It’s going to be a very special concert with all the current players and over 60+ alumni players who span the 50 years the MYO has existed, with so much music, memories and special a commemorative video too. Not to be missed!’

Port St Mary

Port St Mary Commissioners has said that the DoI is no longer collecting plastic recycling from Port St Mary.

It said: ‘The bins at both the Yacht club and Town Hall car park are affected. Any plastic material left there will be considered as flytipping, and referred to the police; the area is covered by CCTV.’