Petitioners Want to Take TT ‘Back to its Roots’

A petition calling on the gov to make sweeping changes to its plans for the TT has topped 1,200 signatures.

The petition has been set up by an individual calling themselves ‘A Concerned Race Fun’.

However the originator of the petition is, they say: ‘An opportunity has presented itself to improve the TT for the 2023 edition (and, indeed, going forward) and take it back to its roots. ‘

They want to see the following:

1) Replace the current scoreboard like-for-like, with no digital elements added.
2) Get rid of all Fanzones and cut the prices for tickets for the main grandstand.
3) Do not implement the proposed new schedule or stream the races live, as both have the potential to reduce attendances (this happened at the North West 200 in Northern Ireland when BBC NI introduced live streaming).
4) Do not allow the public to purchase tickets for the VIP tent. This should be for sponsors and their guests only.
5) Scrap the Fan Park and the Trackside Bar and redistribute the entertainment between various venues around the Island.
6) Reinstate the nightly entertainment and funfair on Douglas promenade when the works there are completed.
7) Return the TT launch and prize presentations to the Villa Marina and reduce the cost of the tickets.
8) Give the Radio TT contract to Manx Radio in perpetuity and provide them with the budget to return it to the old (i.e. pre-2019) format.
9) Keep the current system of free access to the paddock.
10) Arrange daily direct flights between Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man.

In amongst the comments of the people who have signed the petition, the scoreboard in particular seems to draw the most ire, with commenters saying it is ‘part of the TT experience’, that it’s a ‘massive part of TT history and mustn’t be lost’, among others.

Others have said there is too much focus on VIP visitors, that organisers have ‘lost touch with the reality of why people come to the TT’ and others saying the proposed 2023 schedule is the wrong plan.


While these 1,261 people (at the time of writing) have aired their clear displeasure, or they desire to look backwards to go forwards, they will also have another way to do this in the coming weeks as the DfE launches its consultation on the proposed 2023 schedule.

The controversial schedule includes plans to race on Mad Sunday.