As previously reported by Gef, Rikki Dunnage and Edd Cox, owners of Island Travel and the Front Porch are expanding their empire with a new bar/restaurant on Victoria Street. 

We sat down with them to get a brief insight into what their vision is, what food they want to serve and why the name Tacoma.

Tacoma, it turns out, is just a name that the guys have wanted to use for a while and was even briefly considered as a name for the Front Porch.

Edd said: ‘We thought about doing something like this for a long time and the word or the name ‘Tacoma’ has always been in the background, we’ve always thought about using it for something.

Rikki added: ‘It’s actually a reference tying all three businesses together and was a fitting way to name our new venture.’

Since having Island Travel, the lads have gone on to open up the Front Porch and Rikki and Edd said having done that, they now want to set up a restaurant which serves the type of food they like to eat and the types of drink they like to relax with.

Rikki said: ‘It’s been years in the making, we wanted The Porch to be in the right location and the same with this. There’s never really been anything that came up specifically what we wanted, we’d looked at a couple of places but then when we saw Phil’s post saying that DreamBird was going and instantly we said that’s the place.’


When it comes to food, Rikki and Edd said they are working with the ideas on that but that they plan to target the ‘higher-end, small plates, food.’

Rikki said: ‘It’s nothing like traditional tapas, it’s taking inspiration from a lot of our favourite restaurants in the UK and around the world .’

Edd added they want to use ‘classic, locally sourced ingredients, and that the food and drinks menus would be ‘ very seasonal, constantly changing and keeping it fresh’.

Rikki said: ‘Phil did a great job with Bath and Bottle, it was a hive of activity in its prime and we loved going there, it had that nice feel to it when you went in and that’s what we want to recreate, just taking it to our level of expectations and a bit more of a focus on food.’

The guys hope to have Tacoma open later this summer and subject to licensing agreements etc all being sorted, that should see the new place opening up in early September.