Further Dr Ranson Hearing to be Held in August

The disclosure hearing, which stemmed from the Dr Rossalind Ranson tribunal, will be held across three days this summer.

An employment tribunal ruled earlier this year that Dr Rosalind Ranson was unfairly dismissed by the gov.

After the publication of the tribunal report, it was confirmed that the DHSC would be required to explain itself after members of the tribunal cast doubt over the its handling of key documents.

The new hearing will be held on August 30 and 31, as well as September 1.

Issues with disclosures cast a shadow over the tribunal, with the government continuing to produce documents even during the tribunal itself. These should have been in evidence from October 2021.

The tribunal, chaired by Douglas Stewart, says in its report that disclosure had caused the panel ‘considerable concern throughout and different aspects were raised during oral submissions on the final day of the Hearing’.

It adds: ‘The Tribunal members were left with knowledge that some documents had been destroyed (but not deliberately) and an uncomfortable feeling that others could still exist but remained undisclosed. Serious litigation of this stature should not have to be conducted on that basis.

‘Perhaps the most telling point, as highlighted by Mr Segal, was that most of the documents which undermined the Response had not been volunteered to Dr Ranson as they should have been in October 2021. They had only emerged following her use of the DSAR process. Even that had not been wholly effective.’

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