GOOD NEWS! Well maybe.

The DoI says that good progress has been made in recent weeks with the promenade horse tram tracks and the intention is still to operate services from the end of July.

The track and points at Castle Mona Avenue have been installed, commissioned and inspected successfully, and the full length of installed rail track has been checked for correct alignment, and tested.

The DoI said: ‘Some planned work must still be undertaken prior to commencing passenger services, including the installation of improved signage and commissioning of traffic controls. Rail preparation and grinding works must also take place, and require specialist equipment, as well as a training regime for the horses, who are currently in excellent form.

‘All of these preparatory tasks are currently planned to be undertaken prior to the end of July. This is, however, a tight time scale and dependent on suitable weather, the performance of the horse team and the availability of staff and plant.’