Overall Crime Down, but Sexual Offences up

The Police have released crime stats for the year ending March 31, which show an overall reduction of recorded crimes, but also highlight an 18% rise in sexual offences.

There were 2,765 offences recorded between April 1 2021 and March 31 2022.

The data is usually published in the Chief Constable’s annual report, which has been prepared but will go before Tynwald until its October sitting.

As well the 18% increase in recorded sexual offences, taking the number to 98, there was a slight rise of 2% in minor assaults, up to 658.

However, all other types of offences are down, with a 24% decrease in offences involving an offensive weapon being the sharpest drop, down to 42 reported incidents, while burglary is at its lowest levels in decades, with fewer than 70 incidents across the year.

There has also been a drop in the value of drugs being seized. The figures for 2021/22 show that over £600,000 of drugs were seized by the Police, but in 2020/21 the Chief Constable’s annual report said that ‘around £1m worth of drugs was seized for the third successive year’.

Road traffic collisions rose by 14% when compared to the 2020 pandemic year, but were very similar to 2019 levels.

The figures show that there was also a slight reduction in mental health cases and domestic incidents. 

Chief Constable Gary Roberts said: ‘2021-22 felt much more like a normal year, after the challenges of 2020, when the island faced lengthy periods of lockdown and when crime levels soared in the summer of 2020. The data that is being released today shows that the Isle of Man is a supremely safe place, where we are able to enjoy an enviable quality of life.’