Former School Set to be Demolished

The former Ballacloan primary school could be demolished and used as temporary compound for construction works.

This forms the basis of application (22/00707/B), submitted by Manx Development Corporation.

In its application, the MDC says it plans to use the school site to store its vehicles and for parking while work is carried out on the former Nurses Home building on Kensington Road. Permission to convert this into flats has been granted, subject to a fairly standard legal agreement.

The site would be needed for up to 30 months, while work on the former Nurses Home is carried out.

The school, which closed in 2016, is on Demesne Road in Douglas and was replaced by Henry Bloom Noble school on Kensington Road.

In its application, MDC said: ‘We have consulted with, and gained permission from the property owners Graham Kinrade (DESC) and the Estates Director, Richard Collister. We have also been informed that the building will be demolished by the DOI in the near future. We will be in contact with Mr Gary Kermode to ensure that we are not impeding their demolition works in anyway. We have also consulted with Chris Balmer regarding this application and have adhered to the requirements as laid out in the pre-consultation correspondence.’