It has been controversial since its introduction and now an MHK wants to change how the Register of Business is operated.

Garff MHK Daphne Caine wants to see the time an item spends on the register shortened.

The RoB was created after a recommendation from the Standing Orders Committee to improve debate and public scrutiny of matters going before Tynwald.

However, as Paul Speller has said several times, it has been ignored or stepped over by the gov when they want to push something through Tynwald at short notice, albeit with the backing of members.

Speaking to Gef, Mrs Caine said: ‘I think it is clunky and inefficient – six weeks is excessively long for most business, and there’s always the option for departments to publish for longer. 

‘We used to get documents when the Tynwald order paper was published – 12 days ahead of the sitting. I was happy with that. Perhaps it was a bit short with a long order paper or technical regulations. But six weeks I find is much less efficient- we rush to make increasingly early deadlines, and then everything pauses for a couple of months. And we used to pride ourselves on being nimble, not anymore!’

Reflecting on the arguments of Paul, and others, Mrs Caine said that when items are pushed through without spending six weeks on the register, it leads to more negativity and accusations of Tynwald failing to be open to public scrutiny, which she says is ‘simply not true’.

She added: ‘In many cases this past year if I read a report when first published I have needed to read it again just before the sitting to refresh my memory. Doubly inefficient- so I am requesting the requirement go back to the committee to review the time period. I believe that three weeks would suffice for public scrutiny but would speed up the process significantly.’

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