Amnesty on ‘Mistaken’ Covid Payouts

The gov is offering people and businesses 20 days to fess up to making any mistaken Covid support claims and arrange repayments.

The amnesty period begins today and will end on Thursday August 4.

The period of amnesty is to allow businesses and self-employed individuals to review the claims they have made and ensure they were fully entitled to the funds.

Following this 20 day period a formal review of all claims, from any of the coronavirus support schemes, will take place. 

The schemes that are being reviewed after the amnesty period:

  • Business Premises Support Scheme
  • Circuit Break Lockdown Schemes
  • Coronavirus Business Support Scheme – All variations
  • Coronavirus Recovery Scheme
  • December Disruption Scheme
  • Hospitality Transition Support Scheme
  • Salary Support Scheme
  • Strategic Capacity Scheme
  • Winter Disruption Scheme

Treasury Minister Dr Alex Allinson said: ‘The government understands and is sympathetic to the fact that throughout the Coronavirus pandemic many individuals and businesses experienced financial challenges, and were reliant on claiming support measures designed to relieve pressures during a time where working practices, and indeed our daily lives, were disrupted.

‘With the most severe period of the pandemic now behind us, we have the opportunity for reflection, and the offering of this amnesty period has been designed to provide those who claimed support through any of the financial support schemes which they now feel they were not entitled to receive at the time, the opportunity to come forward and return funds.’ 

Individuals and businesses which believe a claim under any of the Coronavirus support measures was made in error is encouraged to contact the Coronavirus Review Team by email at or telephone on 685748.

If you suspect fraud has been committed by a person or company in relation to a COVID-19 support scheme it should be reported to the authorities – anonymously through Crimestoppers, through the Isle of Man Constabulary or if you are acting on behalf of a regulated entity you should submit a suspicious activity report to the Financial Intelligence Unit.