Garden Waste Collections to Coincide With Bin Cuts

Douglas Council will be introducing a fortnightly domestic garden waste collection service this summer.

Once the garden waste collection service is underway, the household refuse collections will move from weekly to fortnightly. It is anticipated this will commence from late Summer 2022 onwards.

Items that can be included in the garden waste bin cover grass and hedge cuttings, leaves, bark, tree pruning’s, twigs and small branches, flowers, plants, and weeds.

The Council says that food waste will not be permitted, however fallen fruit or vegetables from the garden are allowed. 

Quite how they are meant to know if my apple came from my tree or Shoprite (other stores are available) remains unknown.

Environmental Services Committee Chair, Councillor Falk Horning, said: ‘As a UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man Partner, the Council has a responsibility to ensure residential waste is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. We hope these new changes will encourage responsible waste management behaviours across the community; helping residents reduce the volume of waste they produce and maximise the amount they recycle.

‘We appreciate there will be a period of adjustment and we will work to address any questions or issues from the public as quickly as possible. Support can be provided to households having difficulty minimising their waste; residents will, however, need to demonstrate they are already using the other waste disposal options provided by the Council’s kerbside recycling collection service.

‘We are actively encouraging eligible households to register for their new garden waste collection bin as soon as possible and welcome everyone’s support in embracing these changes for the good of our island.’

To register for a garden waste collection wheelie bin, please contact Douglas Borough Council via email at: or by telephone on 696448.