Dave’s 30 Years on-Call

On-call firefighter Dave Maddrell has reached 30 years’ service for the Isle of Man Fire and Rescue Service.

To put that in perspective, win the year he started, John Major was Prime Minister, the first Premier League season kicked off and Bill Clinton won the US Presidency.

Originally motivated to join the service after a conversation with firefighters at the time made him realise how important the Fire Service is to the community and what a positive difference those firefighters were making, 30 years later and Dave is still serving the community.

A post on the Fire Service’s Facebook page said: ‘Over the last 30 years he has enjoyed the humour and support of the crew as well as the support and generosity that has been shown by the local community when events have been put on within Port Erin by firefighters.

‘Dave has experienced many incidents over the years, some of which have been tough, not just physically but also mentally but he believes the support he has received from his family, his colleagues and also the Fire Service have given him the strength to deal with any past and future obstacles.

‘He has had too many memorable moments to mention but he did say that rescuing a Station Officers foot as it was stuck in a door and also seeing the same Station Officer up to his knees in water (after having his boots filled up with water!!) as moments that really stood out. There have been many good (and sad) memories but he feels at the end of the day the people he works with all come together and look after each other through the good and bad times.’

It seems the one thing he’s never done is rescue a cat from a tree.

The post says that Dave said that his time in the fire service had been very rewarded and something no-one would regret, as well as thanking his family for their support.

It added: ‘The Isle of Man Fire and Rescue Service would like to thank Dave for the commitment he has shown to the service over the last 30 years. His family also deserve thanks and special praise as being ‘on call’ is something that needs support from everyone in the family and you should all be proud of the contribution you have made to your community over the last 30 years!’