Ronaldsway was open for longer than its published hours for all but two days across May and June, including 48 extensions over its agreed summer hours.

The figures have been released by the DoI following an FoI request.

Cancellations in and out of Ronaldsway seem to have been building in recent weeks, with a variety of reasons given from the weather to staffing hours limitations and sickness.

The FoI request asked the DoI how many flights were cancelled between May 1 and June 30, how many were rescheduled and how many of those were affected by operating hours at Ronaldsway Airport and within Air Traffic Control?

In its response, the DoI revealed that easyJet had cancelled 16 arrivals and 19 departures, Loganair had cancelled 27 arrivals and 26 departures and West Atlantic, which operates cargo and mail flights, had five arrivals and three departures cancelled. This accumulated to a total of 98 cancelations. Interesting Are Lingus, which operates the Dublin route, had none.

The DoI said: ‘Please note that the cancellation numbers includes ALL cancellations including those cancelled as part of scheduling updates e.g. the batch of Loganair London City flights.’

It also said it didn’t have the info on the number of flights that were rescheduled.

The department added: ‘Flights may be cancelled by the operators for a wide range of reasons, not all of which are stated on the information received by the Department. It is therefore not possible to directly attribute cancellations to operating hours.’

However, it was able to publish figures for how many times it closed on its scheduled hours of 6am to 8.45pm Monday to Saturday and 6.45am to 8.45 on Sundays, how any days it stayed open to within its agreed seasonal extension (9.30pm) and how many days it stayed open beyond that extension.

In total it closed by 8.45pm just twice, stayed open until 9.30pm on 11 occasions and stayed open beyond 9.30pm on 48 occasions.