Abortion Reform Act ‘Fully Implemented’

Health and Social Care Minister Lawrie Hooper says that the Abortion Reform Act has been fully implemented and 95% of people are being treated on island.

Mr Hooper was asked for an update by Speaker Juan Watterson.

The Lib Vannin leader said: ‘Those cases that are treated off island are mainly as a direct result of confidentiality challenges (for example, going to theatre at Nobles does not provide full anonymity) or because of risks to the patient.

‘Manx Care can perform all abortion services on the Isle of Man up to 14 weeks, both surgical and medical. The provision with The British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) for late medical and surgical abortions remains however to maintain client confidentiality within an island community.’

There had been criticism in the past about the signposting off abortion services on the island, which were flagged by Dr Alex Allinson MHK, who guided the Act through Tynwald.

However, this has been improved by Manx Care and the gov, with more info available online.