Peel RNLI Lifeboat launched to a 35ft yacht that had become stranded on the sewage pipe off the coast of Jurby over the weekend. With the falling tide tide, it became clear the vessel was not in a position to be moved at that time.

As a result the crew made the decision to rescue the passengers and come back later.

At 6pm, when the tide was flooding again, the lifeboat launched to return the casualty crew to their vessel in Jurby and assist with moving the vessel back into safe waters. After some gentle guidance, the vessel came loose of the pipe and was towed to safer waters by the lifeboat. Sadly the damage to the yacht required for it to be towed back to harbour.

Volunteer coxswain Jon Corlett commented that ‘you can never be 100% sure about what damage being aground does to a vessel. It was a good call by the yacht’s skipper to have us on standby’.

Tram Crossing

From tomorrow the DoI will be commissioning the new LRT (Light Railway Tramway) crossing at Castle Mona Avenue for the horse trams. Vehicle drivers will be required to stop for the horse trams using typical highway traffic lights. Drivers will also notice the tram signal, a signal they may have never seen before.

Street tram signals (LRT signals) will be used for the first time on the Isle of Man to provide crossing control at Castle Mona Avenue. Tram signals are used where trams share and intersect the highway, often in towns and cities. Blackpool and Manchester have such signals. Street tram signals work in conjunction with traffic signals, but look completely different to avoid confusion for the driver.


Quit4You, the island’s free stop smoking service, is re-opening of its face-to-face clinics for Island residents. The clinics will take place in several locations around the Island:

Mondays – Westmoreland Road Health Centre, Douglas  
Thursdays – Western Wellbeing Centre, Derby Road, Peel 
Fridays – Ramsey Cottage Hospital and Thie Rosien Clinic, Castletown Road, Port Erin 

Each clinic will be by appointment only and will give island residents the opportunity to meet with one of Quit4You’s Specialist Stop Smoking Advisors at the location of their choosing.

Interim Director of Public Health, Hugo Van Woerden commented: ‘Evidence proves that people who use a stop smoking service are three times more likely to succeed in becoming smoke free. Quit4You offers an individual support plan including nicotine replacement and support with coping mechanisms to give you the best chance of long-term success. The clinics will help to ensure the service is accessible to everyone on the island, an important part of our vision to improve health and wellbeing in our community.’

To book an appointment to meet with a specialist advisor at a clinic convenient to you, get in touch by calling 642404, or emailing quit4you@gov.im