Over £200,000 Paid Out to Departing Civil Servants

The Chief Minister has revealed that £223,781 has been paid out to civil servants who have left their post since May 10.

Figures on the number of civil servants to leave, their aggregated salaries, departure money and pension status were asked for by Onchan MHK Rob Callister.

Alf Cannan’s figures show that 80 civil servants have resigned, retired or been dismissed since May 10 and that they had an aggregate salary of £3,333,494.

However, the figure of £223,781 will appear low to those expecting to have seen hefty golden goodbyes to recently departed CEOs following a recent outbreak of sudden retirements.

Of those to leave, 31 are below state retirement aged but are now entitled to draw a public service pension. Alright for some hey.

Other bits

As well this figures, the Chief’s response also includes a lot of notes, which say:

  • To reflect the number of people who have resigned, retired or been dismissed since 10th May, the figure above includes people who may have entered their notice in the HR system before the 10th May. It will also include all Civil Servants who may be employed as of 24th June but had a future leaving date entered into the system.
  • Payment on departure includes occupants whose employment had ended on or before 24th June 2022. Further payments may be due to individuals who had not left their position on 24th June 2022 as part of agreed terms of departure.
  • Figures are rounded to the nearest pound.
  • Salary is at the end of occupancy and is pro-rata based on the working pattern.
  • Eligibility for the IoM Government Unified Scheme pension takes effect from age 55for standard Civil Service sections at a reduced pension rate.
  • State retirement age varies based upon the date of birth, with a sliding scale from 65to 68. This has been accounted for when considering whether staff are eligible forstate pension.
  • Only Civil Service grades have been included; other PSC terms and conditions, suchas Manual & Craft workers are not included, nor are other employers such as staff on MPTC terms and conditions or Civil Service analogous terms.