No Droning

The Civil Aviation Administration is reminding people that the Southern 100’s Billown Circuit and surrounding area is a no-fly zone for drones because of its proximity to the airport and potential distraction to riders.

A permit has been issued to allow Greenlight Television to fly a small drone near Ballabeg Hairpin to add to their coverage of the races, but any other drones are banned. If you see any other drone flying near the circuit, please report it to the marshals or race control.


Applications are invited for individuals to join the Electoral Commission.

Commission members will have the chance to review how elections are run on the island, including reviewing the number and boundaries of constituencies.

Deadline is July 27, and more information can be found here 👉

Leisure Courses

University College Isle of Man has launched its new leisure guide for courses starting in September.

The programme includes more than 200 interesting and exciting courses in business and technology, creative arts, health and wellbeing, languages and general interest.

As well as the popular courses that have been a feature of the programme for many years, UCM has also added 48 courses this year including: acting, candle making, Macramé for beginners, woodwork and Manx law, amongst many others.

Courses run at locations all around the Island during afternoons, evenings and weekends, making them accessible for a wide range of people. Course duration varies from a half day to 18 weeks.

Cathy Lord, Programme Manager for Adult Continuing Education said: ‘Every year, we develop a programme of leisure and recreation courses from the feedback and comments we receive from the Manx public. We’re excited to be launching nearly 50 new courses this year across a wide range of subjects. It’s always fascinating to see the incredible skills that people in our community have and want to share with others.

‘People get involved in our leisure courses for a wide variety of reasons, but the courses are designed to help people learn new skills and hobbies, brush up on existing talent, make new friends and have fun. If you’ve never tried one of our leisure courses, this is a great time to try something new.’

You can view courses, sign up and pay for online by visiting