Cycling’s Coming Home

After missing out on his rightful destiny at Le Tour, the GOAT is coming home as Mark Cavendish has been announced for this weekends Gran Fondo Isle of Man.

Bear witness as the greatest and fastest man on two wheels returns to Manx roads, even if you don’t like cycling, this is something not to be missed.

Gran Fondo Isle of Man is one of only two true competitive Gran Fondo events staged in the British Isles, held on a mostly closed roads 137 km parcours. Starting and finishing in Ramsey on Sunday, this is not something to be missed.


The island’s first legal powers to limit people’s exposure to asbestos in their place of work will come into effect next month. It comes after Tynwald voted to bring the island in line with the UK and introduce the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 and Accompanying Code of Practice (ACOP) in June.

The Regulations mean contractors that plan to remove or work with hazardous asbestos products must obtain a Government licence before they start and notify them in advance to arrange a site inspection. A ban on the supply of all building materials, which contain asbestos, will also be introduced from August 1,

DEFA Minister Clare Barber said: ‘This legislation will allow us to better monitor and manage the risks associated with asbestos in the working environment and ensure people are not knowingly exposed to the health risks if it is found.’

Incase anyone needs telling, Asbestos is fine if left undisturbed, but if inhaled as dust, it can cause Lung Disease (Asbestosis), Lung Cancer and Mesothelioma (a cancer associated only with exposure to Asbestos).


DoI Minister Chris Thomas has revealed a review is underway into the junction between the Mount Murray Back Road and the main A5. Mr Thomas revealed this in a written answer following a question from Middle MHK Stu Peters.

He said: ‘The junction is currently under review by Highway Services. I can also confirm that the scope of the review includes alternative junction types and pedestrian crossing facilities. The junction review and recommendations will be considered at the next meeting of the Departments Minor Improvement Works Committee, which will be held on July 13.’