Gives us a Three Year Budget

The boss of Manx Care says that allowing the organisation a three year budget would help with staffing issues.

It was recently announced that almost 20% of roles in Manx Care are unfilled.

Speaking to Social Affairs Policy Review Committee this week, Teresa Cope said that the 4% offered by Manx Care is ‘slightly higher’ than the settlement reached in the UK and that talks are ongoing.

Addressing the issue of disputes with unions over pay increases for staff, with balloting underway over potential industrial action, Ms Cope said that allowing Manx Care a longer view budget would help with these issues.

She said: ‘I think if we were moving to a three-year funding settlement, a three-year mandate, that would perhaps be one of those things that would give us a little bit more certainty on a three-year pay deal, which I think could be attractive for staff.’

Health and Social Care Minister Lawrie Hooper is known to be in favour of giving Manx Care a three-year budget to allow its management to better plan and allocate funding, while also giving it a three-year mandate.

However, with management costing the taxpayer, who ultimate pick up the bill for Manx Care, about £3.5m on top of the costs of management for the DHSC, there is some concern from opponents to the system about giving the healthcare provider more freedom than it already has from regular Tynwald and public scrutiny.