Douglas Councillor and egaming executive Frank Schuengel has shared his frustration with the current state of the island’s air connections.

This came after his own flight to Heathrow was cancelled, resulting in a change to Birmingham and a dash down the motorway to make a connecting flight from London’s main airport.

Frank said: ‘The Isle of Man is a great place to live and work, but it is currently being let down by unreliable air connections. Almost on a regular basis are flights with the few airlines servicing our island now cancelled, creating a state of affairs that risks damaging our good reputation. I hear talk about a goal of 500,000 tourists per year and a desire to grow the island as a place for many businesses from egaming to finance, but unless someone starts getting a grip on the mess in our open skies, all of this risks being pie in the sky. In my own industry, egaming, frequent travel is almost a must, as many IOM based companies have offices all over the world.

‘Stress levels and costs now go up every time we have to travel off island or when business partners come to visit, as one can never know if flights will actually take place and alternative arrangements have to be made when they are not. This is a serious problem now and needs to be addressed with some urgency on a political level. Part of the issue seems to be the way the airport here operates, and part of the problem is certainly also resting with the airlines.

A trip down the motorway

‘Just looking at the ridiculous number of flight cancellations over the last few days makes it clear that something has to happen and soon if we are to avert serious damage to the island’s hard earned standing as a great place to visit and do business.’