Coffee Morning

Our friends at Breast Cancer Now have a coffee morning this Saturday at Promenade Church Hall from 10am to 12.30pm. As well as cake sales, there will be other items up for grabs and a raffle. Entry is £2 and its all for a great cause!


The new £70.6m Liverpool ferry terminal does contain within it provision for a hoist as part of an accessible adult change facility.

This was confirmed by DoI Minister Chris Thomas following a question from Douglas South MHK Sarah Maltby.

However, Mr Thomas added that there are no programmed projects for island’s own sea terminal or airport, nor is there a budget for any. He added: ‘However, the department will carry out an assessment of the Sea Terminal and the Airport and seek to identify any suitable locations there, or alternatives in Douglas and the south, along with costings for consideration of the creation and maintaining of such a facility. A fitted out changing facility costs at least £40,000.’


The RNLI has praised the island for a donation which is helping to save lives of children in Bangladesh.

In a series of tweets, the RNLI said: ‘Every day in Bangladesh 40 children drown. The highest rates of drowning are in the youngest children – mostly between 9am and 1pm, when families are busy.’

It then went on to outline the work the is done to keep them safe. This includes work done through donations made by the Manx gov which is ‘also helping keep children safe from drowning through their support for 60 creches for over 1,000 young children’.

Sometimes, we can do nice things.