It’s an Actual Money Pit!

The gov has released new images from the building of our Ferry Terminal site in Liverpool.

They show the progress being made on the bankseat which forms the foundation for the linkspan.

Originally expected to cost about £25m, the budget for the scheme has spiralled, with taxpayers now forking out at least £70.6m, which included a 230-odd year leasehold agreement for the land.

And now we can see where it’s going.

The extent of the engineering works needed is:

Ramp, linkspan and pontoon: 395 Tonnes
Tonnage of reinforcement for the bankseat: 87 Tonnes
Tonnage of concrete for the bankseat: 595 Tonnes
Depth of excavation: 9 metres
Depth of piles: 22 metres

Land Fees

An FoI from Gef into what land fees and other charges will go into the ferry terminal each year also revealed some interesting figures.

In response to our FoI, the DoI said that the land rent is ‘one peppercorn per annum’, but that other annual fees including rates and services ‘will not be known until the building has been completed’.

While the ground rent won’t increase each year, other charges will. The DoI said: ‘For example, the mooring dolphin costs are approximately £40,000 per annum and will increase to £50,000.’

Meanwhile, the right to discharge into the Canal is £14k – £16k per annum. However, it was unable to provide us estimated life-term costs.

The new terminal is due to open next year.